Monday, 9 April 2012

Frog Nails

As promised here is my first step by step design post.
I saw lots of frogs while i was in Australia so i decided to do a frog inspired design. I watched loads of frog tutorials and decided to do my own take on it and mixed them all together. I am really happy with how it turned out. Except for the flies, i think the background should have been a darker colour so you can see the wings more. Anyways, here is the design and below is how i did it.

So the designs are as follows; 
Thumb - Flies
Index Finger - Lily Pad
Middle Finger - Reeds
Ring Finger - Frog Eating a Fly
Pinky Finger - Green Leopard Print

Here are the polishes i used.
From Top to Bottom Left to Right
Barry M Matt White 66, Barry M Black 47, Barry M Mint Green 304, Barry M Spring green 290, Rimmel London Green Grass 260, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream 306, Save The Nail 45 Second Top Coat (Which I am very very happy with, possibly not 45 seconds but dries nice and hard which is what i wanted) Barry M Neon Pink NP, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Hip Hop 28, Rimmel London Sunshine 280, Barry M Limited Edition Silver Glitter 149, Save The Nail Eau So Hydrating.

I also used an eyeliner brush i bought today for detailing as i don't have any stripe brushes or dotting tools yet.

I used my Eau so hydrating as a base coat and it has worked really well.

I started with the Frog on my ring finger.
Firstly i used Sunshine and painted my entire nail. I needed 3 coats to make this as opaque as i wanted.

 Then i used my spring green to create a frog shape. I did a half circle at the bottom and then used the base of the brush to make 2 dos for eyes.

 Unfortunately i forgot to take a photo of just the white spots for eyes but i used the white and put two dots inside the green ones for the whites of the eyes. Then i used black to create eye dots, a mouth and a fly body. Then added 2 more white dots for wings. I also used Mint green at the corners of the mouth for cheek spots but the polish is not very opaque so you cant actually see these at all.

 I used my neon pink to make a tongue connecting the fly to the mouth. Layer of top coat and that's Mr frog done.

 Next was my middle finger which was my rushes. I used blueberry ice cream and did a french tip to create the water.

 I then added three lines for the rushes using the green grass.

 I added shadow with the spring green.

 To make a brown for the tip of my rush (i don't have any brown polish yet) I just mixed my hip hop with a small amount of black and it went a really good brown shade. I just used the eyeliner brush to dot that on.

 I decided to use my silver glitter to add some shimmer to the water so just painted that straight over the blue. Then top coat to seal it in.

 Next was my lily pad on my index finger. I painted the whole nail with blueberry ice cream. 2 coats to make it as opaque as i wanted, could probably have got away with one.

 I then used my spring green to draw a pacman shape on my nail. Apologies for the blurred image.

 I then outlined this and did some details with the black. Top coat finished this one. This looks like the simplest design but t was really hard to do the outline as my brush is not really great for very fine lnes. Practice makes perfect so i hope i get better at fine lines.

 Next was my pinky finger leopard print. I did the whole nail in green grass.

 I then did random splodges of spring green.

 I did little outline spots with the black. I have never done leopard print before and i am really pleased with how this turned out for my first try. Top coat on and this was done too. Again apologies for the blurred pic.

 Finally was my flies on my thumb. Definitely need to rethink the background of this one. I might re-do it with pink or orange background, i will post if i decide to do this. However i used mint green and pained the whole nail.

 I added some black spots for the bodies of the flies.

 Finally i decided to do grey wings instead of white so mixed my white and black as i don't yet have a grey either. Dabbed 2 sots on each black spot. Top coat on and that's my first original design finished.

So that was my first design that actually had pictures instead of just patters and i am really pleased with it. More to come soon. :)

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