Monday, 9 April 2012

Nail Care Issues

So, even though i love painting my nails, i don't actually take very good care of them. Today I decided that this was going to change.
I have a slightly tight varnish budget at the moment so i have not splashed out in hopes that what i have bought is going to do the job for me.

Firstly i decided to get myself some hand cream, soften up my cuticles and as i work in a warehouse by day it will do my hands good too. As i said small budget so i actually got Wilkinson's own Cocoa Butter Nail and Hand Cream. After 2 applications of a small amount my hands are already feeling much better.

Secondly i have been having a few issues with my usual base/top coat. I have been using Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail hardener all in one. There are 2 issues i have with this, 1) It is not protecting my nails from staining from the varnishes i have been using and 2) It never dries totally hard. The second issue is quite a big one as i have been spending time on designs and applying this as a topcoat only fr it to not protect my design at all and have smudged or moved within the hour. With this in mind i had a look round boots and settled on 2 separate items. (I think putting my faith in an all rounder may have been my mistake.)
I have purchased 2 Save The Nail Products b y Nails Inc; 

Eau So Hydrating Basecoat

45 Second Topcoat

The basecoat is wonderful and dries really quickly. I will be using the topcoat on my next design. A post on this design will follow shortly and i will let you guys know my thoughts on it in that post.

So there you go. I now have a small nail care routine.


  1. I find Aldi handcream a godsend, it's only 75p and works really well for me. I buy about 5 at a time and have one near where I sit in the front room, one in the bedroom, one at work, one in my bag and a spare floating about. I hate top coats not drying properly, W7 diamond top coat is usually very good, unless over glitter. On normal nail varnishes it's fine and is normally rock hard in a couple of hours with no shrinkage.

    1. Thanks for that, i shall be at aldi this weekend :D Since i posted this i found some seche vite in boots so my topcoat issues are over for now :)

      Thankyou for the handcream tip