Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Apologies And My New Nail Shelf

Greetings Readers, (if i have any left)

I will start this post off with a big fat apology. For anyone out there who does read this (not being self deprecating, but my blog is new and not very well posted or advertised) I have been away. I blame this on a new job, a new house and a two month stay with my parents where there is little or no internet.

So I am very sorry. I am however back now and I am keen to try and keep this updated as much as I can. I have done a few designs while I have been away so I will pull a few of those out of the bag to schedule and get things on a roll.

So let me show you something that was a complete accident and has brought me great delight.

As I mentioned I have moved; Again. However we do plan on this being our home for quite a while. So whilst moving I realised we didn't have a bookshelf. A massive problem for me as I love my books not so much for The Boy as it turns out he owns all of 3 books. Anyways I saw a lovely quirky shelf in B&Q which I decided I would buy and build and it could hold my books. This was a lesson in buying from hardware stores for me as I should have read the measurements on the packaging as I would have realised that this was in no way, shape or form going to be any good as a bookshelf. Now I was very upset with myself for this having only really noticed once I had built it, duh! But The Boy being the wonderful man that he is pointed out that it didn't matter as I now had a perfect shelf for my nail varnishes, which he would not object to being displayed in our living room. Yay!

So I present you with my nail varnish area. Its quite simple and needs some major touch ups but my shelf has brought me great joy as I now don't have to rifle through a small box to find things I need :D big smiles from me.

 I divided them into sections, its made it much easier to pick out exactly what I want straight away.

 So first we have my silver/black/white section. I don't have a massive collection so some colours are bunched together.
Then we have the greens. They got a shelf all of their own.

 And here are my glitters. They're in a little pod all of their own and they look so shiny :)

 Then I have my nudes/browns/oranges.
 Then my beautiful pink and red section.
 My special effects also got a pod all of their own as well. As you can see i'm a big Barry M fan.
 Then this shelf houses my blues. Next to them my nail art paints and then my selection of base and top coats.
And my crowning glory's are my Etsy purchases. I love them. Also far left is my very own franken, its a beautiful blue shade but the glitters keep sinking. I will give that its own post soon.

So there is my new shelf. I'm so happy with it I've shown anyone who has asked about my new house!

See you soon xxx