About Me

Greetings. My name is Jen also know as Piinky.

I am 24 and live in the North East of England with my better half who I refer to as 'The Boy' and our Labrador-cross-Collie-cross-Pointer-cross-Mental Case called Tempy. I used to have pink hair, hence the namesake, but since changing job roles to work in the removal industry, pink is not the most professional of colours so now its a much more tame plumb/purple shade.

My blog title refers to an Xbox game entitled Call of Duty. I am a gamer and am fairly good since starting to play a little over a year ago. The Boy is a major gamer and instead of moaning about him playing all the time like I know a lot of gamers girlfriends do, I made him give me his old xbox and teach me how to play. And now I love it!

I Love my nails now and try my hardest to take care of them. After having moved jobs I think I am going to need a nail strengthener as I keep breaking them which makes me sad. I am going to try to get a list of my collection up on here but my job is long and hard days sometimes so there may be a few scheduled posts if I know I will be having a particularly busy week.

Bare with me as I get to grips with this whole blogging thig and hopefully I can provide a few people with some ideas or inspiration for their own nails.

Any questions on anything just drop me a comment and I will try to answer as promptly as possible. If you would like in depth step by steps on any designs I do please ask and I will try my hardest to get you them or redo a design step by step.

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